FODBOLD is a physics based football/soccer game.
no fouls, or tackles, just paddles, a ball & scoring.

2 player local game

*please use google chrome to play for controller support. this game is built & tested with xbox one controller*

players are currently with red & blue colors, though will do a much better way to select your own color.

i want to put many more features in, even different locations/setups. already have some written down & ready to put in, such as network multiplayer & player color selection, plus many more things.
once things start to become better in a sense, a price may be put on when becoming a native application.
this is currently testing things out

VERSION 0.0.4 - 03/09/16 [current]
• added back button on pitch. located at middle top - needs better location
• added level select. more levels to come
• players reset to original position once scored - needs work to stop spinning
• few other little things

VERSION 0.0.3 - 01/09/16
• changed background to a grass type image
• corners dont exist, they are angled, they now bounce away to make it better

VERSION 0.0.2 - 29/08/16
• applied keyboard controls for 2 players

VERSION 0.0.1 - 29/08/16
• initial commit
• 2 players. will make it more in future
• only controller support for now. no keyboard as of yet
• no sounds/music, yet

if you have any comments regarding it, even ideas that you feel would be nice, please by all means ask away

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Published145 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorLewis Lepton
TagsController, football, Local multiplayer, Physics, soccer
Player countSingleplayer