KhappyBalt is a Kha iteration of Adam 'Atomic' Saltsmans FlappyBalt, plus HaxeFlixel has a FlappyBalt demo, which uses a Haxe version of Adams Flixel framework

Built along in the Let's Kode: KhappyBalt game tutorial series, with full source code available on the GitHub repository.

In the series we create KhappyBalt from start to finish using Kha & the Raccoon Engine that we have been building in the Kha Tutorial Series

We build upon the original & add in extra features & utilise a lot from the Raccoon Engine including but not limited to:

• Menu & Retry States
• Audio: sound effects & music
• Sprite flipping
• Buttons
• plus many more lovely features

The game is built with simplicity in mind, but leaving a good amount of space for us to go back into the code & make it much better.

All audio elements were created by myself specifically for this tutorial series. The original & even the HaxeFlixel version did not have audio within them