Back in the simpler days of 8bit - comes KITTEN CRUSHER

Play as a boot wielding... thing
Stomp the streets in search of copulating kittens. You must stop them, leaving a trail of twitching corpses in your wake

Crush the cajoling kittens to keep your stamina up & rack up a high-score.
Stop these cavorting kittens from amassing


It was made entirely by myself. I'd done everything, such as the code, design, animation, music & sound

Was made from September 24th to the 26th, as part of KOM JAM.
The main topic was 'Experience Points' - with sub topics [if used] being 'One Trick Pony', 'Arrow Crab' & 'Upside Down'

Kha for code
DefleMask for music
8Bit Sample Factory for sounds

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